Mission: Impossible 1996-2015 UHD 2160p BluRay-MiXED

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Summary: After he is framed for the death of several colleagues and falsely branded a traitor, a secret agent embarks on a daring scheme to clear his name in this spy adventure. Though it drew its name from the familiar television series, director Brian DePalma’s big-budget adaptation shares little more with the original show than the occasional self-destructing message and the name of team leader Jim Phelps (Jon Voight). The film focuses not on Phelps but his protégé, Ethan Hunt (a reserved Tom Cruise), who becomes a fugitive after taking the blame for a botched operation. He responds by banding together with a group of fellow renegades, and he is soon maneuvering his way through a twisted series of double crosses that mainly serve as excuses for spectacular high-tech action sequences. Much of the activity revolves around a missing computer disk, with the film’s most famous scene depicting Hunt’s delicate efforts to retrieve the disk from a secure, well-alarmed room in CIA headquarters.

Stars: Tom Cruise

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Mission: Impossible.1996.UHD.BluRay.2160p.TrueHD.5.1.HEVC.REMUX-FraMeSToR (46.8 GB)
Mission: Impossible.1996.2160p.UHD.Blu-ray.HEVC.DTS-HD.MA.5.1-COASTER (61 GB)

Mission: Impossible.II.2000.UHD.BluRay.2160p.TrueHD.5.1.HEVC.REMUX-FraMeSToR (46.4 GB)
Mission: Impossible.II.2000.2160p.UHD.Blu-ray.HEVC.DTS-HD.MA.7.1-TERMiNAL (60 GB)

Mission: Impossible.III.2006.UHD.BluRay.2160p.TrueHD.5.1.HEVC.REMUX-FraMeSToR (45.55 GB)
Mission.Impossible.III.2006.2160p.UHD.Blu-ray.HEVC.DTS-HD.MA.7.1-TERMiNAL (60.12 GB)

Mission.Impossible.Ghost.Protocol.2011.UHD.BluRay.2160p.TrueHD.7.1.HEVC.REMUX-FraMeSToR (45.04 GB)
Mission.Impossible.Ghost.Protocol.2011.COMPLETE.UHD.BLURAY-COASTER (60.66 GiB)

Mission.Impossible.Rogue.Nation.2015.UHD.BluRay.2160p.TrueHD.Atmos.7.1.HEVC.REMUX-FraMeSToR(45.50 GB)
Mission.Impossible.Rogue.Nation.2015.COMPLETE.UHD.BLURAY-COASTER (60.35 GiB)

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  1. Cholan. says:

    Any chance you can reupload the missing zippyshare links for the TERMINAL AND COASTER releases please??

  2. Rexamillion says:

    Thank you for sharing. I love this site! I downloaded “Mission.Impossible.Ghost.Protocol.2011.UHD.BluRay.2160p.TrueHD.7.1.HEVC.REMUX-FraMeSToR” and the bars on the top and bottom are gray instead of black. ?

  3. mohammedhamdeen says:

    i downloaded incrypted file from filecrypt with j downloader and i didn`t dcrypt at first befor downloading .plz any help

  4. Dirty Harry says:

    Thanks for the upload, but at least 1 link per movie for Framestor won’t identify if it’s online. Anyone else having this problem?

  5. 4kfreek says:

    thank you for all the 4k content!

  6. Excel says:

    Thanks for the FraMeSToR Remux!
    More space friendly without sacrificing quality

  7. JasonVorhees says:

    Wow! Thank you for these untouched discs! MI 4 & MI 5 will complete the collection 🙂

  8. omer dogan says:

    hi 2160p to 1080p Remastered 🙂

  9. TM says:

    Thx alot for the upload but for me way too big to store/download (+/- 20gb a movie would be superb)

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